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Channel 11 WBAL- TV: October 12, 2016

Howard County Council Chairman Calvin Ball Negotiates deal for Sheriff Fitzgerald’s Resignation


Washington Post: October 11, 2016

“I spoke with him about the pain of our community and how we needed to turn the page on this chapter of prejudice,” Ball said.


Howard County Times August 2, 2016

Plan to sell Long Reach Village Center on hold, county eyes bids

County Councilman Chairman Calvin Ball, who represents Long Reach, said the council should not approve the sale of the property with a clear plan for revitalization.

“Frankly, I have talked to some people I might be interested but this doesn’t give me any more comfort that is going to be predictability in the process, “ Ball said.


Sinclair Broadcast Group: July 31, 2016

2 Killed by disastrous flood that ravaged historic Maryland town

“We are coming together as a community. We’re going to continue working together,” Howard County Councilman Calvin Ball said, ”We are stronger than the storm and we will be rebuilding even better and stronger.”


Howard County Times: July 19, 2016

Howard Council chairman calls for ‘independent analysis’ of tax increment financing [TIF] deal

Council Chairman Calvin Ball called for an independent analysis of a $90 million public financing tool that warrants what he calls, a “thorough independent and critical review.”

“I have significant concerns, and I believe most of my colleagues do as well,” said Ball. “We’ve heard a wide range of questions and concerns from the public as well. I don’t think any of us are taking this decision lightly, and we need the best information we can get.”


Howard County Times: July 19, 2016

Howard officials, FAA work to address ‘unacceptable’ noise levels

Howard County Councilman Calvin Ball, who also attended the meeting with federal officials, said he believes the FAA felt their urgency. “Even those who might have understood reasonable noise saw an increase in the noise, and so we thought it was really important to improve the communication and go to D.C., not just send letters and representatives, but really make sure that we could be face to face and represent our constituents,” Ball said.


Howard County Times: July 8, 2016

Howard law enforcement, community reacts to Dallas shootings

In another Facebook post, Ball wrote that regardless of race, many police officers, some of them personal friends, work to provide their communities with justice and equality.

“They agree with me that we can do better and be better,” Ball’s post read. “My heart aches for the family and communities shaken by the senseless deaths at the hands of the officers. I also feel for those who wear the uniform, do the right thing for all, and, while their hearts ache with ours, are also painted with the same brush of anger and hate. Please stand with me against injustice, murder, and those who dishonor the uniform at the same time as we stand with those who honor the uniform and humanity.”


Howard County Times: July 8, 2016

Howard school ‘oversight’ measures on budget, air quality move forward

The Howard County Council unanimously passed measures Friday to audit education spending and create a school budget review committee in order to encourage what County Council Chairman Calvin Ball said was more transparency and accountability into the school system’s budget. Ball said he hopes the measures add ”clarity” and put into place “a better process throughout the year.”


Howard County Times: June 2016

Howard officials push FAA to address ‘unacceptable’ noise levels

Ball also called on the FAA to return to original flight paths and conduct a “true study” of communities impacted by flights below 3,000 feet.  “I’m disappointed we have not been able to reach a mutual solution. We cannot piecemeal a resolution anymore,” wrote Ball in a prepared statement.


Howard County Times: June 2016

County solicitor says school budget review committee does not violate state law

Jim Vannoy, the senior assistant county solicitor of Howard County’s Office of Law, said the legislation does not give the committee any authority over the superintendent and the Board of Education. The committee, which is purely advisory to the council, also does not require the board to take any specific steps.

Ball said Vannoy’s legal advice was important to address recent statements made by school system officials.  “In listening to the board and superintendent’s attorney, I just wanted to purposefully clarify some things,” said Ball.


Howard County Times: June 28, 2016

As bee population dwindles, Howard clamps down on harmful pesticide use in parks

Meagan Braganca, legislative chair of the Sierra Club for Howard County said the Sierra Club and County Council Chairman Calvin Ball began a grassroots push for the pesticide restriction in July.


Baltimore Sun: May 2016

Ahead of Howard school budget adoption, financial audit, oversight committee proposed

County Council Chairman Calvin Ball said today he is calling for a financial audit of the school system’s budget and the creation of a school budget review committee.

Ball’s proposed committee will help the Council analyze the Board of Education’s budget and provide recommendations in preparation for next year’s fiscal year 2018 budget. Ball said, "numerous questions have been raised about the enormous discrepancy” between Kittleman’s budget and the schools’ budget that warrants closer analysis.

“The executive and his budget office have assured us repeatedly, that his proposed budget fully funds the needs of our school system, including its negotiated agreements with our educators, and yet, the Board and its staff insist that the proposed budget will necessitate drastic cuts,” wrote Ball in a statement.


Baltimore Sun: May 2016

Howard County government lays out transportation priorities vying for state funding

Widening northbound Route 29 to three main lanes, dualizing Route 32 and improving the intersection at Kit Kat Road ranked high among Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman’s top priorities for state funding this year, according to a letter the administration sent to the state Tuesday.

County Council Chairman Calvin Ball expressed similar reservations, citing state funds are heavily focused on road projects and should be focused on public transit.

“With much debate on the project and some members expressing their dissent, the Council concluded that the system is flawed in determining what the main priorities are,” said Ball.


Baltimore Sun: May 2016

Howard County Council overrides zoning veto hints at more changes to come

In a 4-1 vote, the Howard County Council overrode the county executive’s veto of a zoning measure that significantly reduces commercial requirement and fees paid-in-lieu in the Corridor Activity Center, one of the county’s most heavily changed districts in and along Route 1.

Council Chairman Calvin Ball, who introduced the measure, said commercial space would “sit vacant and unoccupied” under the current rules.

“There is a half-completed development,” Ball said, adding it was unreasonable to expect commercial buildings could remain vacant.


Baltimore Sun: April 2016

Kittleman vetoes zoning regulations change, call for restarting zoning process

Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman vetoed legislation Friday that would have slashed the amount of commercial space required for some development units along Route 1.

Ball said he was disappointed a “viable solution” in the form of an amended bill which was “the result of months of collaboration” was being denied.

“All sides, including the Administration, agreed that the current (corridor activity center) regulations would force developers to build empty commercial space and stunt revitalization along Route One.


Howard County Times: March 2016

Howard County Council rejects stormwater fee phase-out

In a 4-1 vote on Monday, the Howard County Council struck down a measure to eliminate the county’s controversial stormwater remediation fee, dubbed the “rain tax”, by opponents. Introduced by Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman and Councilman Greg Fox, the measure would have slashed the stormwater fee in half by fiscal year 2017 and eliminated it by fiscal year 2018. The fee currently brings in $10 million annually.

Ball introduced at the meeting legislation that would give property owners more time to clear snow from sidewalks abutting a public right of way. The county’s current clearing requirement - 48 hours after the last snowflake falls - came under fire during January’s historic blizzard when the administration scaled back on a reminder for residents to clear sidewalks in order to avoid fines. The legislation would give the county executive more flexibility under a state of emergency, Ball said.


WBFF, Fox 45: March 2016

Howard County’s Council Chair hopes to bring closure to mold issues in schools

In Howard County, concerns about mold in some public school buildings have not died down. Complaints have not stopped. This prompted the county’s Council Chairman to prepare legislation in which he is asking the county’s Environmental Sustainability Board to conduct an independent evaluation.

“Frankly, my heart goes out to those parents and to these children,” said Calvin Ball, Howard County Council Chairman.  "I think this way we get to have another pair of eyes look at things,” said Ball. Ball introduced his legislation at Monday’s council meeting. “The environmental sustainability board will have until September 30th to offer their thoughts and recommendation which will then allow us the rest of the year to evaluate them and see what we need to do moving forward,” said Ball.


Howard County Times: March 2016

Howard County school board, teachers union reach tentative 2-year agreement

Council Chairman Calvin Ball said, “As an educator, mediator, council member and, most importantly, father of two children in our schools, I commend all parties on an agreement that supports our valued educators.”


Howard County Times: February 2016

Committee releases guidelines for inspections of Howard County schools

County Council Chairman Calvin Ball announced that he was proposing legislation to task the county’s Environmental Sustainability Board with evaluating air quality reports commissioned by the school system.


Baltimore Sun: February 2016

Howard County government website get $260,000 facelift

County councilman Calvin Ball said key tools-the county’s calendar, the Board of Appeals site, the Liquor Board and the County Executive – are “obscured” in favor of pictures of the executive. “While I appreciate the County Executive putting his mark on the County website, I believe the focus really should be on citizens and their ability to find what they need and contact their elected representatives, as it is with most government websites around Maryland.”


Baltimore Sun: February 2016

Kittleman administration pulls transportation reorganization bill

County Council Chairman Calvin Ball, ”strongly disagreed” with the administration’s legislation, citing constituent’s concerns that the shuffle was a “shortsighted” measure that could lessen the priority of transportation-related projects. “I look forward to working with (Kittleman) and others to grapple with our under performing public transit system and overcrowded roads.”


Baltimore Sun: January 2016

Proposed Stormwater fee phase-out causes flurry of opposition at Howard County Council hearing

Introduced by Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman and Republican Councilman Greg Fox, the phase-out would slash the stormwater fee in half by fiscal year 2017 and eliminate it by fiscal year 2018. The fee generates roughly $10 million annually for stormwater projects, raising question about how the county would carve funds from the budget.

Fox challenged Council Chairman Calvin Ball, suggesting opponents of the bill were wedded to the stormwater fee “to feel good.” Ball rebutted, saying he was looking for effective funding sources.


Baltimore Sun: January 2016

County Multi Service Center reopens in Laurel after expansion

County Councilman Calvin Ball also celebrated the grand opening, saying he is excited to see the center doing what it does best: addressing challenges in the community. “One of the things that’s exceptional to me is just the ability to empower others to be their best self,” Ball said. “For example, just the work on career preparation – that really takes people’s lives to the next level and can impact their entire family.”


Howard County Times: November 20, 2015

Howard Democrats ask Hogan to reconsider stance on refugees

Gov.Larry Hogan ask the federal government stop efforts to resettle Syrian refugees in the state until it can be determined they are not a danger to public safety.

Friday, council members Mary Kay Sigaty, Calvin Ball, Jen Terrasa  and Jon Weinstein sent an open letter to Hogan, writing they are “alarmed” by the request.

“In Howard County, we know that our diversity is our strength,” the four council members [stated]. Your request to end the settlement of Syrian refugees under the guise of protecting Marylanders erodes that strength by succumbing to fear – a fear that leads to overt racial profiling, which is an affront to our values.”


Howard County Times: November 11, 2015

Preliminary plan for Long Reach Village Center unveiled

After garnering public input throughout the summer, Long Reach Village Board staff presented the preliminary draft of the village center’s revitalization plan Tuesday evening, announcing that Howard County will be selling its share of the property to a private developer to analyze the area’s potential.

“I knew that, together we could do exciting things.” County Councilman Calvin Ball, who represents Columbia, said at the Tuesday gathering. “Now, we’ve had a lot of challenges recently in Long Reach, but coming together, I know we can write the next best chapter in our community’s history.”


Howard County Times: November 10, 2015

Howard task force recommends police body camera pilot program

Howard County’s Police Department should implement a pilot program to explore equipping its officers with body cameras, according to new recommendations from a citizen-led task force.

"There are many recommendations that we can move forward with immediately and many that we can build upon,” said County Councilman Calvin Ball, a Democrat from Columbia who sponsored the legislation requesting the community policing report.

As for body cameras, Ball said, “I think we want to make it to a place that we’re not only accountable, but we have an accurate record of what occurs, and Iemploying appropriate technologies is a way to accomplish that.”

But, he added, “we definitely want to look at where the state is going and ensure we’re being fiscally prudent. I want to make sure that we totally respect the privacy of victims of crime as well as fully support our officers.”


Howard County Times: November 13, 2015

Howard council approves feasibility study for Oakland Mills

Columbia’s Village of Oakland Mills will get $50,000 for a feasibility study to look at revitalization options for the aging neighborhood.

“I think this is an opportunity to try something new, “Councilman Calvin Ball, a Democrat who represents Oakland Mills, said before voting in favor of the funding. “We all want to see Oakland Mills succeed.”


The Baltimore Sun: August 16, 2015

300 Men March begins 35-mile walk to D.C. to denounce violence

More then 40 men begin an overnight, 35-mile trek to Washington Sunday evening – a demonstration that will bring more attention to the epidemic of violence in Baltimore and other cities around the nation.

At about 8:20 p.m. the group made it to Elkridge, where they were met by former Howard County Executive Ken Ulman, Councilman Calvin Ball and others, one of whom held a “Welcome to HoCo, 300 Men Marchers” sign.


The Baltimore Sun: July 31, 2015

Get your carrots, not cookies, from Howard County’s vending machines

Four of five Howard County Council members, all Democrats, voted Friday to overturn County Executive Allan Kittleman’s veto of a bill that creates nutritional guidelines for the food and drinks sold in government vending machines. Councilman Calvin Ball, lead sponsor of the Howard bill, said, "This expands options.  I think Howard County has long been a leader when it comes to healthier choices. I think the bill would move that forward.”


Howard County Times: July 13, 2015

Howard executive vetoes council nutritional standards bill

Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman has vetoed legislation creating a set of nutritional guidelines for the food and drink sold in vending machines in Howard County government buildings.  Councilman Calvin Ball, a Democrat from Columbia and the bill’s sponsor, said he was disappointed in Kittleman’s veto and would push for the council to override it at its voting session at the end of the month. To override the veto, four of the five council members must once again vote in favor of the bill.


Howard County Times: July 9, 2015

Nutritional standards approved

The council also voted Monday to approve a bill proposed by Councilman Calvin Ball that would create a set of nutritional standards for vending machines on county property. Ball’s bill offers more exemptions for vending machines on county property and focuses on eliminating junk food in ”youth-oriented” county facilities. Councilman Calvin Ball was priased for his nutrition bill by Nikki Highsmith Vernick, President & CEO of the Horizon Foundation of Howard County. June 27, 2015

Former Md. Woman Removes Confederate Flag From South Carolina Statehouse

Bree Newsome, 30, of Charlotte, North Carolina, was about halfway up the more than 30-foot steel pole just after dawn Saturday, when officers of the South Carolina Bureau of Protection Services ran to the flagpole and told her to get down. Instead, she continued climbing to the top and removed the flag. Bree Newsome was a former Maryland resident who was a student at Columbia Oakland Mills High School. She graduated in 2003.

Howard County Councilman Calvin Ball, who lives in Oakland Mills, Maryland, told The Sun, “I’m very proud of her for her courage and leadership,” he said. “She continues to use her strength to empower others.”


Howard County Times: June 25, 2015

Kittleman wants to ‘renew incentives to fix up older homes

Councilman Calvin Ball, a sponsor of last summer’s bipartisan housing bill, said he was “disappointed” to learn of the fund cut earlier this year. “However,” he said, “I’m pleased to that County Executive Kittleman will (now) follow our lead and support this program.”


Howard County Times: May 7, 2015

Council Democrats pass ban on guns in county building

The Howard County Council on Monday voted to approve a bill that effectively bans concealed-carry permit holders from bringing guns into county buildings. Ball praised the new law as “common sense” and a “positive step for the county. I think that’s it’s our responsibility to ensure as safe a gathering place as possible where the community does the community’s business," Ball stated, “and I am pleased that we came together and worked on a piece of legislation that will move public safety forward.”


Howard County Times: April 9, 2015

Kittleman unveils $342.9 m capital budget

County Councilman, Calvin Ball, a Democrat from east Columbia, lauded the budget’s funding for a new fire station in Elkridge.

But he also said he was disappointed to see that his requests for a new Waterloo fire station had been overlooked, and he voiced concern about the school system’s lower budget.

I’d like to see increased investment in our existing schools,” Ball said. “I think we need to continue moving forward with important renovation and expansion projects to ensure that our current students are in as safe and as comfortable an environment as possible.”


Columbia Flier: March 30, 2015

Howard County looks to citizens for input on Long Reach Village Center

County Councilman Calvin Ball, a Democrat whose district includes Long Reach, said he’s “greatly looking forward to community engagement so that we can craft a shared vision of moving our village center forward.” 

In an urban renewal plan, Ball said he’d “like to see something that fully reflects what we as a community think a village center generally, and particularly Long Reach, can be going into the future.”


The Baltimore Sun: March 17, 2015

Opponents, supporters debate Howard gun bill

Before the hearing, held at the county’s government headquarters in Ellicott City, Ball explained that the idea behind the bill was to bring Howard in line with norm elsewhere.

“I think we know that if we were to go to Congress…guns wouldn’t be allowed; if  we go to Annapolis guns aren’t allowed,” Ball said. “This is the place where people do business in Howard County, and I think it is important to make sure it’s as safe for us to do business as possible.”


Howard County Times: March 5, 2015

Council members to consider weapons ban for county buildings

“I believe that county government has a responsibility to provide a safe environment both for constituents who come to conduct business with the county and for our county employees who come to work in our buildings every day,” Ball said in a statement.


The Baltimore Sun: March 2, 2015

Spending affordability committee releases Howard budget predictions

Councilman Ball said he thought the committee’s suggestions to revitalize existing communities such as Columbia villages, is “critical”.
“I’d like to see us look even more at renovation and expansion of existing schools” as a more cost-effective way of addressing some funding challenges,” Ball added.


Howard County Times: January 29, 2015

A year after [mall] shooting, "caring nature" recalled

Councilman Ball said the anniversary sheds light on the county's progress on mental health initiatives in the past year - an effort led by former County Executive Ken Ulman. "I think (the shooting) was a painful reminder of how important it is to invest in mental health and public safety," Ball said. "I think we will always have the potential of being led by fear, and I believe that we have to turn away from fear and turn toward opportunity and we have an opportunity to continue investments in mental health."


Howard County Times: January 8, 2015

Oakland Mills to eliminiate community organizer

Annual CA grant funds run out for the post and the Oakland Mills Village Board decides to eliminate the position. Councilman Ball, an Oakland Mills resident, was the first Oakland Mills community organizer when the position was created in 2005. Ball said the position being eliminated was "unfortunate," and that the role needs to be filled by the community's leaders.

Howard County Times: January 1, 2015

Council to consider village center parking resolution

Ball files legislation to help the Long Reach Village Center revitalize. The resolution would transfer 201 county-owned parking spaces to the owner of the former Safeway in the Village Center. Ball said the parking allotment would help "ensure whoever owns that property has sufficient parking."


Baltimore Sun:  July 31, 2015

Howard Council overturns nutritional standards veto

"This expands options," the bill's lead sponsor, Councilman Calvin Ball, said. "I think Howard County has long been a leader when it comes to healthier choices. I think the bill would move that forward."

"We are ecstatic," said Sandra Curran, a member of [People Acting Together for Howard's] committee for children's health and wellness. "This is a victory for public health and specifically for families in Howard County." 


Howard County Times  12/18/14

Faith community sponsors vigil in Columbia

‘Black lives matter’ part of nationwide focus on justice system, remember victims

Ball said he came because “I strongly believe that every life matters.”

Though he said Howard County had fewer issues that other paarts of the nation, “I think that we can continue to build upon our goal of community policing and collaboration to make sure that everyone feels safe and I think there is always an opportunity to improve.”


Howard County Times 12/4/14

Kittleman, council strike notes of harmony

“Campaigns are a crucible in which heat, pressure and intensity can be felt.” he (Ball) said. Now, “we will work together to arise from this crucible wiser, stronger and united in a mission to write the next chapter.

“Today, the campaigns are over.”


Howard County Times 11/6/14

Election 2014

“I’m honored to continue my service to our community. I look forward to keep fighting for excellence in education, public safety, our environment and issues that improve the quality of life for all,” Ball said.


Howard County News Release 9/27/14

Executive Ulman Opens Troy Park at Elkridge, Howard County’s Eight Regional Park

“Today, we celebrate the Elkridge community and advocates who helped our vision of Troy Park at Elkridge become a reality. This is an excellent recreational and community resource, one our neighbors can be proud of and it not have been possible with their close collaboration, commented Council Chairperson Ball

WBAL 9/22/14

Telemedicine project introduced to 5 Howard County Schools

Connection allows direct remote physicians consultations

“I am pleased at the partnership that is providing better services for our young people,” said Dr. Calvin Ball, chair of the Howard County Council. “We need to continue to support programs like this. Let’s push the envelope, on behalf of our next generation.”


The Baltimore Sun 9/16/14

Howard community leaders, officials rebuke Confederate flag at unity rally

“Every great community has a time it’s tested, for without this test there can be no community testimony no shared vision,” County Council Chair Calvin Ball told the rally

“While there have been incidences that have sought to potentially divide us, there are great people in every part of our county, and we choose not to be divided but to be united and use this…as an opportunity where we can come together and make sure that everyone, in every part of our community, feels safe, feels included and feels valued,” he said.


The Baltimore Sun 5/12/14

Ulman proposes Pathway Scholarship at Howard Community College

“We recognize that higher education is a gateway to opportunity,” Ball said.


The Howard County Times 4/10/14

State Sierra Club endorses five County Democrats

“In the race for County Council District 2 , Council Chairman Calvin Ball received the group’s endorsement.”


Howard County Times 10/23/14

Three recommendations for County Council

“Ball has shown his leadership as a member of the council’s majority and has been a good representative for Columbia. He should be returned to office.”


Howard County Times 1/13

Ulman describes Howard as a ‘model for Maryland’

Council member Calvin Ball said he agreed with Ulman that “in many ways we are” a model for Maryland.

Ball said the county should aspire to lead the nation in areas such as education,  public safety and the enviro.ment.

“Much of what we working on over the last year is illustrative of those goals”, he said.


Howard County Times 1/13

Political Notebook

Ball to Chair State Commission

Howard County Council member became the second-ever chair of the state’s Commission on Environmental Justice and Sustainable Communities last week. “I thank everyone for their vote of confidence and look forward to serving this commission to its full capacity during my tenure while collaborating with our stakeholders, state agencies and other advocates in the coming years to build upon our many strides and accomplishments we’ve been able to make to protect our environment,” Ball said in a statement.  3/14/12

After 14 years, first portion of Blandair Park set to open

Officials, users of Columbia Park hail, ‘ongoing labor of love’

It’s been an ongoing labor of love, said County Council member Calvin Ball, who represents and lives in Oakland Mills, where the south end of the park is being built.

“I feel overjoyed about the opportunity for recreation and play areas for folks in the east side of the county, and everyone to really see it as a great neighborhood amenity…It’s a culmination of so much work and energy and time and community investments.”

Ball said the park is an important part of the county’s efforts to create a walkable community.  “Every part of the county needs some recreation area that’s relatively close.” he said 12/5/11

Council passes tax credit for green residences

“A major goal (of the bill) was to help foster a cleaner, greener environment while stimulating economic development,” Ball said

“It promotes a higher level of LEED certification to hopefully encourage a higher commitment to environmental sustainability,” Ball explained.


Explore Howard 12/6/11

Advocates hope passing of Howard transgender bill will spur statewide movement

“It’s important for us to stand up in this discussion about human right and I hope our leadership serves to encourage those about the state to stand up too,” council member Calvin Ball, a Columbia Democrat, said.  10/27/11

County Council aims to make gender identity a protected class

Move would allow transgender persons to have legal recourse against discrimination.

“It’s important for us to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for all of our residents,” council Chairman Calvin Ball, a Columbia Democrat, said. “In a world where there are people who because of their gender identity are being discriminated against, we need to take action.”

“Having protection under the law allows transgender person who are discriminated against to take legal recourse, if necessary” Ball said.


Columbia Patch 7/11

Downtown Partnership Approved with Amendments

Additional powers given to community stakeholders

In an email Ball wrote, “ The amendment that creates a Downtown Columbia Foundation implements what was envisioned when we passed the Downtown Columbia plan; a new ,innovative, way of ensuring a full spectrum of housing Downtown. This could be a model of how we effectively integrate affordable housing into our neighborhoods across our Nation.”


Columbia Patch 4/21/11

Howard County Proposed Budget Includes More Money for Education, Libraries, Environmental Initiatives

“I think we placed a high value on education, said Calvin Ball, chairman of the Howard Council. “I’m very please we will be able to fully fund the Board of Education and Howard Community College’s request.”


The Baltimore Sun 12/7/10

Ulman, council  sworn in for second term

Calvin Ball unanimously elected as new council chairman

Vowed to continue the fight for “social justice”,  Calvin Ball, East Columbia Democrat


Howard County Times 3/9/10

Councilman hope to encourage more wind power

“I think it will encourage sustainable energy use and help more people who want to more environmentally focused to do that.”

Howard County Council member Calvin Ball


Columbia Flier 2/03/10

What county leaders are saying about the downtown plan

“The evolution of downtown Columbia into an even greater model, more livable community, is an exciting moment in the future of our downtown Columbia.”  Calvin Ball, councilman,  District 2


Howard County Times 11/13/08

Obama inspires county Voices

With Obama ‘an incentive for people to do better’

Calvin Ball has represented District 2 on the Howard County Council since 2006.

“I think it’ll offer an opportunity to mend many of the divisions in the country across different ages, different races, different ideologies. The last couple of races have had a lot of identity politics.we are a united country and we can acheve so much more when we come together than when we fight among ourselves. It’s not just diversity in age, but diversity in perspective.


Baltimore Examiner 7/30/08

Howard to pare take-home cars after report of excessive travel

Cut may save as much as $700,000 a year

“It’s important to do all we can to effectively use taxpayer dollars in these challenging times”, said Councilman Calvin Ball, D-District 2


Howard County Times  8/2/07

County Council Passes state’s highest ‘living wage’ legislation:

County Council Chairman Calvin Ball, the bill’s sponsor said the bill is modeled after higher minimum wage requirements passed by other jurisdictions.

Ball cited an article in The Washington Post in which experts attributed a similar bill in Washington, D.C. with helping reduce poverty.  “People who work hard days deserve a good wage.” he (Ball) added.


Washington Post 12/21/06

Ball Hopes to Lead Culture of Consensus

“And who better to chair this so-called council of consensus than a longtime mediator who teaches conflict resolution?”

In the article Howard County Executive Ken Ulman said. "He is one of the most intelligent, thoughtful people that I know."


Baltimore Sun 8/1/07

‘Green’ Votes Gather Praise

Environmentalists and business leaders back building rules

Council Chairman Calvin Ball, an east Columbia Democrat declared himself “pleased we moved forward and demonstrated our commitment to the legislation.


Washington Post 8/10/06

Smoking Ban Goes Into Effect For Restaurants and Bars: (Ball’s Vote)

“The political stalemate led many analysts to conclude that the likelihood of a smoking ban being passed before the November elections was slim. But the measure gained new life in the spring, when council member David A. Rakes (D-East Columbia), who voted for the four-year phase-in, resigned and was replaced by Calvin Ball (D), who supported a one-year phase-in”.


Baltimore Sun 5/17/06

New County Council member is a busy man

“Ball appears calm, cool and collected”

Washington Post 4/20/06 

Democrats Choose Successor to Rakes

"Calvin Ball is the perfect solution here," said Tony McGuffin, chairman of the central committee. "Not only is he well prepared for the role, but with his professional demeanor and diplomatic temperament, he will surely prove to be an asset to the council and to the citizens of Howard County."


The Business Monthly: Political New 2/2006

Guy Guzzone: “He’s smart, he’s thoughtful, he’s a hard worker. He’s clearly dedicated to the community. He’ll be a positive force.”